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Guaranteed Mix

Guaranteed Mix Surrogacy Package
  • mandatory tests for the couple
  • semen collection, spermiogram, vitrification
  • analysis and stimulation of the pregnant mother
  • 1 attempt to stimulate your own ovaries and the ICSI fertilization cycle using your own eggs
  • selection of the egg donor and analysis, stimulation, donation
  • unlimited number of ICSI fertilization cycles using the biomaterial of the intended parents and the egg donor
  • unlimited number of attempts at embryo transfers to the pregnant mother
  • replacement of the donor eggs, if necessary
  • substitution of the surrogate mother, if necessary
  • PGD on 5 chromosomes
  • the ability to choose the gender of the child
  • two years of embryo cryopreservation
  • hospitalization of the surrogate mother at 38 weeks of pregnancy and delivery
  • general support for patients: transfer, translator
  • apartments for two people up to 45 days
  • full legal support in Ukraine
  • DNA test for the child

We tried to highlight the differences of this program from other programs of our surrogacy center in bold.

If you have any ambiguities, feel free to contact us and we will try to thoroughly answer all your questions.