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Guaranteed Surrogacy Package
  • mandatory tests for the couple
  • semen collection, spermiogram, vitrification
  • selection of the oocyte donor and analysis, stimulation, donation
  • analysis and stimulation of the pregnant mother
  • unlimited number of ICSI fertilization cycles using the biomaterial of the intended parents and the egg donor
  • unlimited number of attempts at embryo transfers to the pregnant mother
  • replacement of the egg donor, if necessary
  • substitution of the surrogate mother, if necessary
  • PGD on 5 chromosomes
  • the ability to choose the gender of the child
  • two years of embryo cryopreservation
  • hospitalization of the surrogate mother at 38 weeks of pregnancy and delivery
  • general support for patients: transfer, translator
  • apartment for two people up to 45 days
  • full legal support in Ukraine
  • DNA test for the child

Each program that we provide in the field of surrogacy is targeted at certain people and is different from other programs. Study each of its points in detail and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask our specialists.