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Surrogacy in France

French law prohibits surrogacy and treats this process as a violation, providing penalties. The French go through surrogacy programs in Ukraine or Russia, as these countries clearly regulate and provide guarantees for the process.

Here, French couples can legally use the services of a surrogate mother, and undergo reproductive medicine programs, including surrogacy, taking advantage of such important aspects as the possibility if necessary, of choosing a donor, choosing the sex of the child and conducting genetic tests.

Until sometime, the situation was complicated only by the presence of an important problem - a child born of a foreign surrogate mother was not considered French and could not obtain French citizenship. However, after some couples who gave birth to children with the help of surrogate mothers outside the country filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights, the situation has changed radically and now such children can count on French citizenship. And couples who have used the services of a surrogate mother are recognized as the full parents of the child.