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Surrogacy in Cambodia

Cambodia does not regulate surrogacy by law, so you should not take risks and carry out this process in this country, and instead go to countries that provide guarantees for the approval of surrogacy programs.

Cambodia has long been one of the main countries supplying surrogate mothers to the world market. This was facilitated by the complete absence of legislation on surrogacy, which led to the seizure of this business under the control of semi-criminal elements. And after surrogacy was banned in countries such as India, Nepal and Thailand, Cambodia became the center of the so-called "medical" tourism.

However, in 2016, surrogacy was also banned in Cambodia. But despite this and the exorbitant efforts of the local police, the underground market for surrogate mothers is quite developed in this Asian country. This is facilitated by the economic situation in the country.

Still, there are no real prerequisites for considering Cambodia as a legal base for passing surrogacy programs.