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We are convinced that each of us should have the right to have a child. And same-sex marriages or single parents are no exception. The happiness of having a child must be within reach. That is why we offer the approval of guaranteed programs in Russia at the cheapest price.

LGBTQ Surrogacy

We understand and we feel for one of the biggest problems for same-sex marriages - the matter of a mutual child. Loving parents want to give their warmth together with the best feelings coming from the depths of their hearts to the child, raising him in the best traditions of modern society. However, when deciding to have a child, parents who are inexperienced in this point may face seemingly insurmountable problems. We exist precisely with a purpose to solve such problems. Contact us and you are guaranteed to fall into the hands of experienced (both medical and legal domains) professionals in the field of surrogacy. We offer full support for same-sex couples throughout the entire period of both conception and childbearing. Be sure that at the end of this difficult journey your only child will be waiting for you, the one that will paint your life in the wonderful colors of joy and happiness.