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Surrogacy prices

The main criteria to distinguish the cost of surrogacy programs are: the availability of guarantees, the ability to choose the gender of the child, the possibility of choosing an egg donor, the availability of paid accommodation for parents.

In this table, we present the comparative prices for 2020 for the most popular surrogacy destinations:

USA 140,000 € - 180,000 €
Czech Republic 85,000 € - 100,000 €
Greece 80,000 € - 90,000 €
Mexico 65,000 € - 85,000 €
Russia 60,000 € - 70,000 €
Georgia 55,000 € - 65,000 €
Ukraine 50,000 € - 60,000 €

Prices include the use of eggs from an anonymous donor, do not include parental accommodation fees and they may vary from one clinic to another.

As we can see from the table, the reproductive medicine clinics of Ukraine and Russia offer the lowest prices. There are several reasons for such proposals:

  • there are a large number of IVF clinics in Ukraine and Russia, and as a result, there is a lot of competition;
  • a large number of women who are willing to rent their belly for a relatively low fee;
  • the largest number of oocyte donors of the most popular phenotypes in the world, Caucasian and German (Nordic).

The prices indicated include the payment of the surrogate mother and the payment of the clinic services and are minimal, as long as the quality is maintained. The services of a reputable clinic and highly qualified specialists cannot be cheaper. We would like to warn you about significantly lower priced offers, as in this case you will most likely receive the program at a clinic that does not officially record your results or at a new clinic with no experience, and in the end you will lose much more money and time. You should also pay attention to the amount of payment to a surrogate mother; If this amount is too low, you will be offered the candidacy of a surrogate mother who, for medical reasons, was rejected at reputable clinics, putting your child's health at risk.