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About clinics

About clinics

In an issue as important as surrogacy, a very important aspect is the choice of a clinic that meets all the requirements, and this is very difficult to do.

We will try to describe which factors you need to consider when choosing a clinic, and the problems you may face:

  • clinics focused on medical tourism: in recent years in Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, a large number of clinics have appeared that provide services only to foreigners. It is very convenient for the patient when the clinic has its own translators from all the languages ​​of the world, and yet one has to think about why the clinics do not accept or accept a very small number of local patients. It is obvious that it is much easier to hide certain information about the clinic by providing surrogacy services only to foreigners. After all, local residents can easily verify the accuracy of the data provided.
  • new clinics: opening new clinics is always a very positive trend, but if you don't want to be among the first patients when looking for qualified doctors, medical equipment testing and the like, we recommend that you refrain from visiting them. A company that has worked in the same direction for at least the last 5-8 years is not considered new. Always ask the agency to provide a license issued by the Ministry of Health.
  • family clinics: in most large medical institutions, IVF control is multi-stage. Each department maintains a log book and different physicians are responsible for the accuracy of the information. In small family clinics, all the responsible specialists are, in most cases, relatives and, if necessary, it will be much easier to hide any information.
  • clinics "all in one": there are “closed cycle”, which strive to earn money in the whole range of services necessary to accomplish the surrogacy program: accompaniment, ensuring the search for housing for parents, transportation services, etc. This is a very ineffective solution, which leads to the impossibility of correctly performing the functions in which they are not competent, because each one has to follow their own professional specialization.

In addition, an important aspect is the absolute lack of control over the implementation of the stages of the program, since if desired, it will be much easier to carry out a forgery without the external control of professionals. For example, a clinic that is looking for a donor and buying eggs may not provide you with reliable information on the number of eggs received. The remaining oocytes are frozen by the clinic and can be used for other parents who have chosen a package with an anonymous donor. Of course, these packages are not popular and are practically not being sold by agencies, since all parents want to see how their child will look like and what genes will inherit. Without external control, you have no guarantee that the oocytes used to create your embryo will be the same oocytes of your chosen donor. After all, parents cannot control this, and as a result, they do not trust the origin of the eggs or guarantee that they will keep all the donor eggs. At the same time, the clinic has the opportunity to receive payment for the eggs taken from you and transferred to another couple, while saving money on payments to the donor, medications and the stimulation and puncture procedure.

On the other hand, If we are talking about a clinic with a reputation and clear official reports, which performs only a medical function, while the search for an egg donor is carried out by an agency that also exercises control and requires that all reports be provided to it officially, the possibility of counterfeiting is reduced to zero. Otherwise, all this information remains exclusively internal and you will never know how many eggs were actually obtained as a result of stimulation from your chosen donor.

However, the agency will not allow deception, as by offering guaranteed options, it is interested in increasing your chances of successful implementation of the program, as well as its completion as soon as possible. In addition, approximately half of the agency's clients, shortly after the birth of the first baby, want to have a second baby, in this way, preserving as many frozen embryos as possible from a couple, gives the agency the opportunity to Immediately implement a new process and complete your work in the shortest time possible.

The agency has many more options for this than the patient.

If you have already chosen the clinic where you will undergo the treatment program, we strongly recommend that you collect information about this institution on the Russian-speaking Internet segment in order to receive negative feedback and any other negative information. You should not look for positive reviews, as this is mainly advertising information written by the clinics themselves, because very rarely people who have finished the process will spend time writing reviews when they now have other happy concerns.