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About agencies

About agencies

In this regard, it is also necessary to describe the work of independent agencies and other intermediaries in the field of surrogacy.

To understand what kind of agencies exist, you need to understand who created this surrogacy agency.

Most European surrogacy agencies are created by:

  • Parents who went through the surrogacy program themselves, faced mistakes made by the surrogacy agency and decided to create their own. Of course, they have neither medical nor legal knowledge or experience.
  • Lawyers who were once involved in the judicial registry of children's rights in Spain. The knowledge in the field of jurisprudence and the experience of these specialists is very useful, but only in Spain, not in other countries, with other laws, not to mention the fact that the head of the agency must also understand many medical aspects and not trust in the employees of the associated clinic.
  • Intermediary agencies that do not carry out the work themselves, entrusting all its implementation to another Ukrainian agency. In this case, you pay more, since there are intermediary services, but at the same time you lose quality, since the intermediary agency tries to provide a competitive price, but is forced to include its interest in cost savings in quality.
  • former employees of other agencies who have created a new agency, who may have experience in a certain part of the process, but still their knowledge is not sufficient for the competent and successful organization of the entire program, perhaps due to lack of awareness on all issues or, most importantly, due to the impossibility of implementing the right thing to work in a foreign country. Since, without knowing the details of Ukrainian and Russian medicine, without knowing the legislation, workflow and business traditions of these countries, it is impossible to do this qualitatively.

An agency with European roots cannot guarantee quality service to its clients, as it does not have the ability to control a foreign clinic and simply does not have the reliable information about it. In the event of an unforeseen situation, the clinic will always be able to transfer responsibility to that agency.

Out of more than 100 reproductive medicine clinics in Ukraine, many hide reports on the success rates of IVF procedures. This is not difficult to do, since the state is practically not involved in the control of success. It remains for agencies and patients to receive information about the clinic only from the official website of the clinic itself. The only way to discover the real situation of the clinic is possible only from within the clinic, knowing the main specialists, embryologists, the real success rate and other important data.

Unfortunately, most agencies do not have this information, so the deciding factor in choosing a clinic for them is only the amount of commission they are offered for providing a client. And unsuccessful or new clinics, in turn, try to reduce the price as much as possible to attract agencies and patients.

Therefore, every year more and more low-cost IVF programs appear on the medical market which European agencies work with, without knowing the real situation within the clinic.

In any case, we recommend that you do not check on ads and reviews on the site, but before concluding a contract, speak personally with the head of the agency, and not just with a sales specialist. It is important to know what kind of person he or she is, what reputation they have, what experience they have, whether they understand all the complexities and why they chose this particular line of activity for a living. Everything will be immediately clear to you, you will understand whether the agency was created to make trivial money, or to earn honestly without cheating and to help people at the same time.

No matter how pathetic the last sentence sounds, believe us, such agencies exist, you just need to find them.