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Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine is the most popular destination in the world for surrogacy due to its laws, which make this process absolutely guaranteed for parents by intention, since it clearly regulates the exclusive right to a child of biological parents. The state details the requirements for all participants in the process, which determines the safety and transparent implementation of the program, and provides confidence and assurance in all stages of this implementation. It is also important that a child's birth certificate is immediately given to the biological parents.

In Ukraine, commercial surrogacy is allowed, that means, you have the right to officially pay money to both the surrogate mother and the donor. With a surrogate mother, you conclude a notarial agreement, thus fixing your agreements in the Ukraine registry, thanks to which you obtain complete peace of mind about the legal part of the program.

A family that, according to cultural characteristics, Ukrainian couples start quite early, is the most desirable thing for any Ukrainian woman, who will surely immediately try to have a large number of children. And now, having their big family, they are ready to help childless couples to find their happiness.

Ukraine is a country with one of the best environmental indicators in the world, which ensures a high level of health for its inhabitants.

All this makes Ukraine an ideal option to approve the surrogacy program.

Ukraine offers the cheapest programs, which is why thousands of children are born here to intentional parents all over the world every year. This is the largest indicator among European countries.

You won't pay a penny more than the cost of the program. We are absolutely honest with you! We will guarantee that you will be coming back home with your baby with no hidden fees.

For gay couples though, we recommend Russia as the destination country for surrogacy programs.