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Surrogacy by country


Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine is the most popular destination in the world for surrogacy due to its laws, which make this process absolutely guaranteed for parents by intention, since it clearly regulates the exclusive right to a child of biological parents. The state details the requirements for all participants in the process, which determines the safety and transparent implementation of the program, and provides confidence and assurance in all stages of this implementation. It is also important that a child's birth certificate is immediately given to the biological parents.

In Ukraine, commercial surrogacy is allowed, that means, you have the right to officially pay money to both the surrogate mother and the donor. With a surrogate mother, you conclude a notarial agreement, thus fixing your agreements in the Ukraine registry, thanks to which you obtain complete...more details


Surrogacy in Russia

Nowadays Russia is the best option to approve the surrogacy program for gay couples, single men and single women. Since Russia does not recognize homosexual marriages, these couples are considered in this country as single parents. Consequently, the documents for the child will be given in the name of the parent who provides their genetic material and, in the event of full use of the donor material, to the parent of the couple's choice, while the other must go through the adoption process at the return on their country of residence.

Russian law regulates surrogacy as commercial, therefore payment for both surrogate mother and donor is absolutely legal here.

Russia offers the lowest possible price in Europe for surrogacy programs for gay couples and single parents.

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