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Surrogacy and public opinion

Surrogacy and public opinion

Surrogacy is the only way to become parents and find the happiness of being complete families for many couples who, due to a poor health, cannot do it naturally. It is also impossible other than by surrogacy for same-sex couples. Unfortunately, there is an opinion in the world that surrogacy should not be used as a way to solve the problem of not being able to have children. Why do we think we can implement the treatment of some conditions and not to others? What's wrong with creating a new life? The life of a baby more than desired. After all, we all have the right to be happy and our children is happiness. Why do we think we have the right to decide who should be happy and who shouldn't? Does a healthy person who has his own children have the right to judge another who cannot have them? Is this fair? If medicine allows, thanks to surrogacy, to have children genetically of our own, why should someone decide our destiny for us and tell us that we don’t have the right to do so? Raising your own child is the most beautiful and desirable thing, without which life for most of us is meaningless. Is it fair that some people decide their fate for others?

Benefits of Surrogacy compared to Adoption

Many people desperately waste years in vain attempts to adopt a child, trying to find a way to find him anywhere in the world. Can people who do not have such problems imagine how many years of suffering and false hope a couple must go through in the fight for their happiness? Adoption is an extremely difficult and painful process that requires a great investment of time and effort, but most importantly, once they have adopted a child, the parents cannot have any guarantee that their birth mother will not claim their rights on her baby so they will have to return the child. Imagine for a minute what it would be like to get used to a baby and be forced to give it to its biological mother, because the law protects her rights over a child and gives her a second chance. And who will give the parents who took care of him all this time a chance? In the case of surrogacy, the child's parents are their biological parents and they can be sure that their baby is theirs only, and no one has the right to take it away.

Even more absurd and gross is the opinion of some people that surrogacy is prostitution, a way of using women. How can an educated person have such an idea? How can a woman's desire to help a childless couple have their biological baby be called prostitution? What could be purer and more noble than this act of a woman, a woman who has her own children and knows the value of a family? Surrogate mothers are rewarded for such help, and this is absolutely honest, because in this period of her life she cannot work and this must be compensated. Surrogate mothers are women who have their own families and children, who consciously take this step. We are all different and each of us sees our destiny in completely different things. Why should women who see it as their vocation to have children and help people in this way should be condemned by society, when this kind of help is the best thing a woman can do?

Let's stop being selfish and stop speculating about the feelings of people who are less fortunate in life than us, and finally realize that each of us has the right to look into the eyes of our own baby.