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The history of surrogate motherhood
It is impossible to say certainly where surrogacy was first used in history, mentions of it are found in many sources from different countries of the ancient world which make it clear that this practice has existed for several thousand years. Given that, not all sources carry the exact date, in some cases we can only draw conclusions based on the prescription of the culture in these countries. What is obvious and what unites all these stories is the natural desire of people to reproduce and fight for the opportunity to feel the happiness of becoming parents. Read more
According to world statistics, every fifth married couple is infertile and is being in need of reproductive technologies assist. In the process of conception, both a man and a woman are equally involved, therefore, the problem may be on both sides, or there may also be a mixed factor, when both partners are the cause of infertility at the same time. In percentage terms, it can be said that about 30% of cases are caused by men, 30% by women, 20% when it is a combined case and 20% when the cause of infertility is inexplicable, since it cannot be diagnosed. So what causes infertility? Read more
Jordana Brewster and Andrew Form surrogacy
Jordana Brewste is an American actress and model, best known for her role as Mia Toretto in «The Fast and the Furious», as well as her roles in «The Faculty», «The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and the TV series «Dallas», where the actress played Elena Ramos and her husband Andrew Form, the producer of «The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning», always dreamed of having many children, or at least three, as the actress herself said. Read more
Tyra Banks resorted to surrogacy services
Supermodel, actress and singer Tyra Banks, no less known to us as a producer, creator and TV host of the reality show "America's Next Top Model" and her common-law husband, Swedish photographer Erik Asla, were together for six years and dreamed of their own genetic children, but unfortunately could not do it in a natural way. Tyra Banks devoted all her time to work, career development, participated in numerous projects that led her to fame and great heights, but took away from her all the time. And when the supermodel decided to get pregnant, all attempts ended in failure. Read more
Jessica Chastain chooses surrogacy
The red-haired beauty actress Jessica Chastain and the famous Italian designer, the director of the Moncler brand Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, after five years of relationship, got married in 2017 with a fervent desire to have a child, surrogacy resulted to be the gear to for the couple. In 2018 their daughter Juliet Passy Chastain was born, and two years later the couple had a baby again. In both cases, the spouses did not make public the fact that they were expecting children, and since Jessica Chastain was not pregnant, the news about their babies became known only when the couple was first seen in New York with their children for a walk. Read more
Annie Leibovitz gives birth to adorable twins thanks to surrogacy
Annie Leibovitz is an extremely talented and most sought-after photographer of our time, who has created world-famous shots such as the nude John Lennon kissing Yoko Ono, taken for Rolling Stone magazine in 1980, just hours before Lennon's murder, Demi Moore with a painted body, Whoopi Goldberg in a bath with milk and many others, working with popular publications themselves and photographing famous people and even Queen Elizabeth II herself and her family, Annie Leibovitz has a completely non-standard outlook on things and sometimes her photographs become more famous than the stars themselves captured on them. Read more
Surrogacy and public opinion
Surrogacy is the only way to become parents and find the happiness of being complete families for many couples who, due to a poor health, cannot do it naturally. It is also impossible other than by surrogacy for same-sex couples. Unfortunately, there is an opinion in the world that surrogacy should not be used as a way to solve the problem of not being able to have children. Why do we think we can implement the treatment of some conditions and not to others? What's wrong with creating a new life? The life of a baby more than desired. After all, we all have the right to be happy and our children is happiness. Why do we think we have the right to decide who should be happy and who shouldn't? Does a healthy person who has his own children have the right to judge another who cannot have them? Is this fair? If medicine allows, thanks to surrogacy, to have children genetically of our own, why should someone decide our destiny for us and tell us that we don’t have the right to do so? Raising your own child is the most beautiful and desirable thing, without which life for most of us is meaningless. Is it fair that some people decide their fate for others? Read more
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka surrogacy
In 2010 a surrogate mother gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, for Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Surrogacy was the only way for a homosexual couple to experience the joy of fatherhood and live a full-fledged family. The star couple had absolutely everything: a favorite job, recognition of colleagues and the public, but their happiness would not be complete if two little creatures, their son Gideon Scott and daughter Harper Grace Gideon, born by a surrogate mother, did not appear in their lives. Read more
Kim Kardashyan and Kanye West surrogate maternity
It is very important when famous people give us the most of their support and share their experiences with us, revealing that their children were born by surrogacy. Just like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did. The most famous family in America shows us by their example that surrogacy is an absolutely real way to have their own genetic baby for those people who have certain risks in case of bearing a child by themselves. Kim Kardashian never hid the details and problems associated with her first two pregnancies. Her first daughter North West, whom Kim Kardashian gave birth to in 2013, was born prematurely and the birth itself was very difficult, Kim suffered from pre-eclampsia, which meant a great threat to her baby and herself. As Kim Kardashian said, immediately after giving birth, the placenta did not come out, and the doctor was forced to do it manually and according to her, this procedure was disgusting and very painful. In addition to this, Kim Kardashian underwent surgery to remove the scar, in order to be able to get pregnant again without any impediment. Kim grew up in a large family and the desire to have many children is absolutely natural for her. What could be more beautiful than a big prosperous family? And despite the risks and health problems (at the time Kim Kardashian was struggling with gestational diabetes) she took a decision to give a birth to her son Saint West in 2015. During pregnancy, the star complained of swelling of the whole body and immense discomfort. As Kim Kardashian herself reported, her body grew more and more until she felt that she was not in her own skin. Read more
Daughters of Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen were born through surrogacy
American comic actor, musician, screenwriter and TV presenter of his own program The Tonight Show Starring, Jimmy Fallon and his wife, screenwriter and film producer Nancy Juvonen, have become parents twice thanks to surrogacy. The couple dated for seven months and got married in 2007. Their first daughter, Winnie Rose Fallon, was born to by a surrogate mother in 2013. At a time, Jimmy was 40 years old, while Nancy was 47. The couple waited six years for the birth of their first child, after acquiring some experience in surrogacy motherhood, they decided to keep up with the birth of their second child, and in 2014 with the help of a surrogate mother, their second daughter Frances Cole Fallon was born... Jimmy Fallon commented in an interview that he and his wife had been trying to have children for a very long time and went through countless different ways, but surrogacy was the only way out for them. Star parents never tried to hide that their children were born precisely thanks to this process, and also immediately shared photos of their children on Instagram. Possessing an excellent sense of humor, the talented presenter chose funny costumes for photographing newborns and the little ones instantly became popular. Read more
Three of their six children of Robert Deniro were born by surrogate mothers
Robert Deniro was one of the first stars of show business who appealed for assistance of surrogacy service. In 1995, thanks to a surrogate mother, he had two twin boys, Julian Henry and Aaron Kendrick. At that time, Robert Deniro was in an unformed legal relationship with the former model of African American descent Tukey Smith. The couple broke up even before the boys were born, but this did not stop them from surrounding the children with love and care. Not to be missed that Deniro already had two children from his first marriage with actress and singer Dianne Abbott, also an African-American woman known for her roles in her husband's films. The actor adopted Dianne's daughter from his first matrimony . Drena Deniro, the name of the girl who starred in several films with her adoptive father. During the wedlock between Robert De Niro and Dianne Abbott, a son, Raphael, was also born. In 1988, the couple broke up. In 1997, the actor married a second time with the former African American flight attendant Grace Hightower, with whom in 1998 their son Elliot De Niro was born. After 12 years, the spouses had a burning desire to have another baby, but his wife Grace at that time was already 56 years old, which was quite risky for childbirth. Then the couple decides to appeal for the help of a surrogate mother and in 2011 they have their daughter borned, Helen Grace De Niro. So for the second time using surrogacy, Robert De Niro again becomes a father in his 68 years. According to the actor, all children born by surrogate mothers are biologically related to him, and that in both cases of using the method of surrogate motherhood, the decision was based on the impossibility of self-conceiving.       Read more
Tom Ford and Richard Buckley became parents through surrogacy
Prominent and incredibly talented designer and director Tom Ford and his journalist partner, former editor in chief of Vogue Hommes International, Richard Buckley have been together for 34 years. This is a real example of true love that is not often found nowadays. As Tom Ford reminisces, since the very first evening of communication with his future soulmate, it seemed to him that he knew everything about Richard and that he had known him all his life. Tom was completely mesmerized by the amazing color of Richard's eyes, calling them the wildest in the world, like an Eskimo from Alaska, almost silver in color. When they first met, Richard was 38 years old, at the time he was the editor of the magazine "Women's Wear Daily". The meeting took place in 1986 at a fashion show in New York, when Tom was working for the Gucci house. As Tom says, Richard was so handsome and self-confident that he seemed completely inaccessible, and his gaze made the designer get confused and run into the street to avoid colliding with him. Tom was then only 25, but despite the age difference, fate brought them together and they continue to live in peace and harmony, supporting each other in everything, especially in such difficult moments when Richard was diagnosed with cancer. Read more
Keith Urban was born through surrogacy
For many years, the media has attributed to Nicole Kidman non-existent pregnancies. It is a well-known fact that the actress had health problems and was unable to give birth to a baby with her first husband, Tom Cruise, which is why the couple resorted to the adoption of Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony. But later, unexpectedly for everyone as well as for her, Kidman gave birth to a girl, Sunday Rose. At the moment she was in marriege with musician Keith Urban. Happy parents immediately began to plan a second child but, unfortunately, despite numerous attempts and seeking help from doctors, their attempts were unsuccessful. Then the couple decided to go through the surrogacy process, as a result of which their daughter Faith Margaret Kidman-Urban was born on December 28, 2010. The famous Hollywood actress is truly immensely grateful to the surrogate mother and has repeatedly mentioned her gratitude to everyone who helped them in this process. Read more
Subrogate motherhood helped Sarah Jessica Parker
The top-liner of the series "Sex and the City", a recognized style icon in the fashion world, a successful perfumer and designer, actress Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, actor and singer, winner of two «Tony» awards, Golden Globe nominee of Matthew Broderick, dreamed of becoming a large family and their wish became true thanks to surrogacy. The dream of the famous family was embodied by a surrogate mother from Ohio Michelle Ross. Sarah Jessica Parker described her as "a strong, vibrant and independent woman." Read more