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contract conclusion
Only our agency offers to conclude a contract after visiting our IVF clinic, giving you the opportunity to first ensure that you made the right decision
surrogacy programs
Our surrogacy programs include a reimbursement option if the surrogate mother does not become pregnant within 12 months after the conclusion of the contract

As you can see from the mentioned above, we care about our reputation and we are ready to provide guarantees for the successful result of our activities in the field of surrogacy, and moreover, we undertake to return the money spent on the surrogacy program to you in case of failure. The last measure is mentioned rather for your tranquility. Our long-term practice in the field of surrogacy suggests that the percentage of the fastest and most successful completion of the process in our center is confidently approaching the maximum possible.

All our activities are aimed primarily at solving your problems and giving people the happiness of being parents and raising full-fledged and happy members of society. While making profit is one of our goals, this is not a priority for us.