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About us

About us

Surrogacy Decision is a Ukrainian agency that brings together the best professionals in the field of surrogacy with many years of experience. As for us, you get a service without intermediaries, since we are a direct contractor in Ukraine. As representatives of this country, we clearly know all the subtleties and peculiarities of carrying out this process in Ukraine, which allows us to accurately achieve a result on each individual problem in an optimal amount of time. At the same time, by having our own office in Spain, created with the participation of Ukrainian and Spanish specialists in the field of reproductive medicine, we provide the opportunity to conclude an agreement with our Spanish company to guarantee your peace of mind and the possibility of a complaint in Europe.

We have our own staff in 5 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Spain. All surrogacy programs are carried out in only two clinics: Ukrainian, for (heterosexual couples) and Russian (for single men and women). These are the best clinics with the highest officially recorded success rates in these countries. We value our reputation, and we are also interested in not wasting your time and ours on unsuccessful IVF attempts.

Alternatively, we also offer the possibility of delivery in the Czech Republic in the largest maternity hospital in Prague.

We pay special attention to the search for egg donors, considering this part of the program as one of the most important and fundamental. Convinced of the need for an in-depth study of the criteria for selecting a donor, we are coordinating this work in cooperation with an international agency specialized in the search for candidates throughout the territory of Eastern Europe and Asia.

contract conclusion
Only our agency offers to conclude a contract after visiting our IVF clinic, giving you the opportunity to first ensure that you made the right decision
surrogacy programs
Our surrogacy programs include a reimbursement option if the surrogate mother does not become pregnant within 12 months after the conclusion of the contract
surrogacy guarantees
We guarantee the birth of your child or we will refund you the money
surrogacy clinic
We represent the clinic with the highest officially recorded success rates
fresh oocytes
We use only fresh oocytes to create an embryo
We are available 24/7
We are available 24/7 for any emergency
official company
We are a Spanish company with full responsibility for the implementation of the terms of the contract by the Ukrainian or Russian clinic